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Edit Experiment

After testing your experiment, you might want to change something about it: fix a mistake, add a user question, upload a new version of the experiment package etc. This section describes all the changes that can be made to an existing experiment. First you will have to go to the ‘Show Experiment’ page of the experiment in question. You can do this by following the ‘Experiments’ link on the ROLEG homepage and clicking on the name of the experiment you want to edit.

Experiment summary

Experiment summary

If you want to make a small change to the experiment file, click on the pencil icon on the ‘Show Experiment’ page. You can also delete an experiment file by clicking on the delete icon, create a new experiment file and upload this file by clicking on ‘Add DSL’. Editing an existing DSL file or creating a new DSL file brings up the online text editor.

You can adjust the size of the text box by clicking and dragging the bottom-right edge of the text box. Click ‘Update’ after making your changes to an existing DSL file or click ‘Create’ after completing a new DSL file to go back to the ‘Show Experiment’ page.

This method of editing DSL files is useful if you only need to make a few small changes, but for larger changes it is more convenient to edit the experiment package offline using a proper text editor (see Preliminaries) and upload the improved version. This can be done on the ‘Edit Experiment’ screen which can be accessed from the experiment overview page. The ‘Edit Experiment’ screen shows the same options that are configured during the creation of a new experiment.

For our example experiment, we will add two user questions (‘Required attributes, asked before participation’), a consent statement, and a question asking for the participants’ favourite colour. The order in which these user questions are selected also determines the order in which they will be listed for the participant. Additionally, we will make the experiment available to our participants by enabling the ‘Experiment is active’ and ‘Public (unauthenticated) experiment’ options.

Once we have made our changes we click ‘Update’ to save them and return to the ‘Show Experiment’ page. This experiment overview will now show our changes. Most importantly, it now contains a URL next to ‘Public weblink’. You can share this weblink with anyone, whether they have a ROLEG account or not. The experiment should now also be listed on the homepage of ROLEG under ‘Available Experiments' for participants with a ROLEG account.


If you tested the experiment earlier, the experiment will not show up here. When the participants click the link on the homepage or follow the URL you sent them, they will be greeted with the user questions we added before the experiment starts.

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