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Experiment Block

The idea behind the ROLEG DSL is that it allows researchers to create a variety of different experiments by choosing, adjusting and combining simple ‘building blocks’ of code. Every ROLEG experiment has one experiment block at the top level (i.e. no indentation). This experiment block is simply a container for the title of the experiment and the six main structural building blocks that are defined within it. This structure of the experiment block is summarised below. The block elements are executed in the order in which they are specified and may each occur more than once.

info that informs the participant on the experiment and can be used for introduction, explanation or a thank-you message.
selfpacedreading that presents a self-paced reading task to the participant.
audioresponse that presents a verbal response task.
lexicaldecision that presents a lexical decision task to the participant.
dictation that presents a dictation task to the participant.
questionanswer that presents a question to the participant.
Optional, defaults to false.
Boolean that specifies whether the experiment should be run fullscreen. If set to true, the participant is first shown a dialog "The experiment will launch in fullscreen mode when you click the button below." along with the button "Launch Experiment", always in English. Upon clicking this button, the browser window enters fullscreen mode and the experiment resumes.


Be aware the participant can manually exit fullscreen mode anytime as they remain in control of the browser. Also, some browsers may close the fullscreen mode automatically when the permission dialog for audio recording in an audioresponse block is presented. To account for this possibility, you can inform your participants (e.g. through an info block) that, when having exited fullscreen mode, they can return to fullscreen mode by pressing F11 on Windows computers or Ctrl-Cmd-F on macOS, or by using their browser's menu.

font that specifies the font used for the current block.


An experiment should contain at least one block.

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