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Account Registration

Before you can upload an experiment, you will need an account with researcher permissions. Click the 'Register' link on the ROLEG homepage or click here to go there directly. Choose a username, fill in and confirm your email address and password, and click ‘Register’. A confirmation email will then be sent to the address you provided. You now have an account that can be used to log in and participate in existing experiments.


To create and publish experiments on ROLEG, you need researcher permissions. You can request these permissions by first creating an account and then sending an email to including your username.

Once you have been given researcher permissions, click the ‘Log in’ link on the ROLEG start page and fill in your username and password. After you log in, you should be presented with the screen in the figure below. On this screen, you should see a list of active experiments that you have not participated in yet. You can review the experiments you already participated in by clicking on 'Show the finished experiments.'. If you have researcher permissions, the navigation menu should contain Experiments, Results, Manual and Live Editor links.

ROLEG homepage

ROLEG homepage

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