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Slider Block

The slider block provides the ability to present the participant with a slider response. A slider block has to be specified within a response block. The structure of this block is summarised below.


Optional, defaults to 5.
Integer that specifies the number of steps the slider uses. This value must be 2 or higher. It can also be set to the Keyword INFINITY to indicate a continuous slider.
Optional, defaults to the middle point.
Integer that specifies the starting point of the slider. This value must be between 1 and the amount of steps used, or, if the slider is continuous, a percentage between 0% and 100%.
List of exactly two Strings that specify the text presented on the left and right side of the slider.
Optional, defaults to false.
Boolean that controls whether the current slider value is shown beneath the slider as a value between 0 (left) and 100 (right).

Example usage

The code below illustrates how the slider block might be used.

experiment {
    trial {
        stimulus {
            text = "Strawberry cake is tasty!"
        response {
            slider {
                steps = 6
                initial_value = 1
                labels = ["Completely disagree", "Completely agree"]
                show_value = true
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