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Internet connectivity

A ROLEG experiment saves intermediate results after each trial, to ensure in the event of a disruption as much results as possible are saved. Therefore, after each trial, a working internet connection is needed to submit the results to the ROLEG server for secure storage. If the submission of results fails, the participant will be instructed in a localised message to check their internet connection and try submission again. They cannot see the trial or alter their response during this period.

Any such internet connectivity disruption will be reflected by the numberSubmissionErrors column in the experiment result CSV file, indicating the number of times results failed to submit for a single trial. Therefore, it is important to check if any of your participants have a non-0 value in this column for any trial and account for such disruptions accordingly.


The ROLEG website is unavailable every Monday 05:30 UTC until 05:40 UTC for a weekly reboot. Plan your experiments accordingly.

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