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Test Experiment

You should always test a new experiment before sharing it with your participants. Because new untested experiments are generally not listed on the ROLEG homepage, you have to go to the experiment's details page in order to execute the experiment. If you just created the experiment, you are automatically directed to this page. If you want to access this page later on, log in and go to the experiment overview page and click on the name of the experiment you want to test.

To run the experiment from the experiment's details page, click on the 'Live Editor' link on the bottom to load its DSL into the live editor. In this editor, you can execute your experiment and view the results it would generate per trial, without actually storing them. See Live Editor for more details.

DSL Version 2

If you still use the DSL version 2, the Live Editor will not be available. You can instead click the ‘Execute' link in the bottom left of the page. If the experiment file does not contain any errors, the experiment should start. Take caution that any test experiment runs will generate results that you will have to filter our in your analysis, based on the timestamps.

Now you can go through your experiment to test if it behaves as intended.

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