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This changelist highlights the changes made to ROLEG since February 2021. Before this date, ROLEG was known under the name of "Webexp2".

August 2022

Version 3.2.2

  • We introduced require_waiting for the media block
    • This allows you to ensure participants wait for audio or video to finish playing before continuing

July 2022

Version 3.2.1

  • We introduced identifiers for the options in the choice block
    • This makes later analysis of results easier & helped resolve some bugs
  • We increased the clarity of the manual with respect to demographic questions and mobile use of ROLEG

June 2022

Version 3.2

  • We introduce SONA integration 🎉
    • You can now use integrate ROLEG with SONA to enable participant accreditation
  • This update furthermore improves overal experiment creation
    • The segment breaking of self-paced reading tasks has been improved
    • Now, all your include files are also being checked for syntax errors
    • The limit of speech recording has been extended
    • The placement of media has been improveed
  • Result downloads now include a duration column for easier analysis. See Request Results for a complete overview.

February 2022

Version 3.1

  • This update makes it easier to specify repeated trials with the same structure but different contents, reducing the size of your script massively.
  • textfield has a new lines parameter to control the vertical size of the textfield. Now you can make it clear whether the participant should enter a single word or a whole essay.
  • Now you have more control over your multiline text in your script, and whether linebreaks should be visible only to you, only to the participant, or both. View the preliminaries for an overview.
  • A new fixation shorthand has been added to easily display a fixation dot.

January 2022

✨ Version 3.0 ✨

Version 3 introduction

  • This massive update includes a brand new DSL version that vastly improves how you can write your experiments. We included a new tutorial and plenty of examples and reference material to get you up and running.
    • The structure of your experiment is changed to allow more flexible combinations of stimulus and response options, while resorting to smart defaults for easy usage.
    • Syntax checking is here! If your experiment contains any syntactic or semantic errors, you will be notified and informed on how to correct this.
    • There is a new Live Editor that allows you to easily test your experiment script, side-by-side with the actual experiment.
    • Many more improvements! We're happy to hear your feedback.

You can opt-in to this new DSL version when creating a new experiment.
DSL version 2 is still available, see the Archive for more detail.

October 2021

Version 2.7.5

  • Introduced collaboration! Now, an experiment can be safely shared with other ROLEG experimenters for editing and results access, while retaining ownership. See the new parameter in Upload Experiment.

Version 2.7.4

  • Added option_layout and option_breakpoints to the lexicaldecision block, allowing for control over the layout and adding the possibility to present options as segments of a phrase.
  • Added control for consent form language at the start of experiment, see Upload Experiment.
  • Various bug fixes

Version 2.7.3

  • Added replay_limit to the lexicaldecision block, allowing for control over the times an audio stimulus may be repeated.
  • Added slider response form to the lexicaldecision block, allowing for response via a customisable slider available in specific experiment set-ups.

Version 2.7.2

  • Added position parameter to the questionanswer block, allowing for control over the position of the input field and possibility to present a sentence-completion task

September 2021

Version 2.7.1

  • Added option_type and response_required parameters for a lexicaldecision block, allowing checkboxes as response types and requiring a minimal selection of one option
  • Added preview_type parameters for a selfpacedreading block, allowing various masking presentation types of the hidden part of the sentence
  • Added link_url and link_name parameters for an info block, allowing redirection of participants to external websites

August 2021

Version 2.7

  • New audioresponse block that enables audio recording
  • New id parameter in experiment blocks for easier identification during analysis
  • Added automatic experiment deactivation with prior warnings, see upload experiment
  • Added user warning upon premature closing of experiment
  • Added fullscreen functionality, see experiment
  • Added better autofocus support of fields
  • Improved results download procedure and documentation thereof
  • Improved overview of experiment resources
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

July 2021

Version 2.6

  • Overhaul of results downloading, now faster, more secure and asynchronous
  • Overhaul of manual, now online with code examples, linking and search functionality
  • The use of font block is extended and now can be inherited across experiment blocks
  • Experiments include more information on lead researcher and end date
  • Lots of smaller improvements and bug fixes

February 2021

Version 2.5

  • ROLEG now supports both Dutch and English in its public section
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