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SONA integration

ROLEG offers a complete system of participant collection, experiment design and online execution. Additionally, you can connect ROLEG to the SONA study platform. This will enable you to use the participant recruitment and accreditation system of SONA. To get started, follow these steps.

  1. Create your ROLEG experiment, if you haven't already done so, with the following settings
    1. Enable Public (unauthenticated) experiment
    2. Leave SONA Completion URL empty for now
  2. After creation of your ROLEG experiment, copy the public weblink from the experiment overview
  3. Create your SONA study, with the following settings

    1. Use the type Online External Study
    2. For Study URL, paste the public weblink of your ROLEG experiment
    3. Add ?sona=%SURVEY_CODE% to the Study URL, if not already present

    The Study URL should now look like[...]?sona=%SURVEY_CODE%

  4. After creation of your SONA study, copy the client-side Completion URL from the study overview

  5. Now, edit your existing ROLEG experiment
    1. For SONA Completion URL, paste the completion URL of your SONA study

That's it! You can now share your SONA study with participants, using the Direct Study Link of SONA. SONA will redirect participants to ROLEG to perform the experiment. After completion, ROLEG will redirect participants to SONA to inform SONA of their participation. Depending on the set-up of your SONA study, participants can now receive accreditation.


If you use a SONA study, it is important you share your experiment to SONA participant using the Direct Study Link of SONA instead of the public weblink of ROLEG. If you use the public weblink of ROLEG, participants can still take the experiment but will not be recorded in SONA. For non-SONA participants, you can therefore still use the public weblink of ROLEG, without ?sona=%SURVEY_CODE%.


We recommend you test the SONA integration by clicking on the Sample Link with Embedded ID Code button visible on the description page of your SONA study. If, after taking the experiment, you are redirected to SONA and met with the message "System Message: No credit given, because you are not a participant, and therefore cannot sign up for this study.", then you have set up SONA and ROLEG correctly! The reason this message is shown is that as researcher, SONA does not allow you to be awarded credit.

If you encounter any problems, please first check the help page of SONA. If this does not offer the solution, send us an email at

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